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Just as we were preparing this issue for printing, we learned that the veteran Imperial Oil steam tanker IMPERIAL WINDSOR has been sold to one Jack Beauchamp of Corunna, Ontario, a small town downriver from Sarnia, He apparently intends to rename her LENA BEAUCHAMP but his intentions for the future of the steamer are not clear as yet, We presume that she will be resold eventually. IMPERIAL WINDSOR was, of course, built in 1927 at Haverton Hill-on-Tees by the Furness Ship Building Co. Ltd., as (a) WINDSOLITE and has been owned by Imperial ever since. She last operated in 1971.

For about a decade and a half, the 244 foot 1921-built self-unloading sandsucker AMERICAN of the Construction Aggregates Corporation lay in the river at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, gradually rusting away since there was no work for her. On October 2nd, 1972, she was towed away to Kewaunee by the tug JOHN ROEN IV and we presume that she will soon be broken up.

The steamer ROBERT S. McNAMARA of the Ford Motor Company has been sold to Dale Osborne, owner of the Detroit Bulk Dock Company. This firm had intended to use the vessel as a dock in the River Rouge but plans have stalled pending Corps of Engineers' approval. The McNAMARA last operated in July 1971 on the Toledo to Detroit coal run.



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