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Our November meeting was our first trip away from Toronto for a gathering and took us to the Canada Centre for Inland Waters. We were given an interesting minitour of the building and its laboratory facilities and were addressed on the subject of the pollution problem in the Great Lakes and what the Centre is doing to rectify the situation. Our thanks to the Program Committee for a most pleasant evening.

In the New Member Department, we extend a most cordial welcome to Lorne S. Joyce of Port Credit and also to Wil Hudson of Toronto. Mr. Hudson joined us immediately after his return from an extended stay at Cape Dorset in the North West Territory.

Once again the snow is in the air, and the weekly visits to the Welland Canal are yielding photos with white backgrounds. The salties are hurrying to escape from the Seaway before it closes and the lakers are rushing to get in as many trips as possible before they are forced to seek the shelter of a layup berth for the winter months. The steam is rising from the cold lake water. And it is time for your Editor, on behalf of the entire Advisory Committee, to wish to each and every one of you merry Christmas and happiness in the New Year.


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