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In an effort to give you a better publication, we are most happy to print corrections to any errors which may have slipped into "Scanner", There were two errors in the last issue which we would bring to your attention.

On Page 2 of the November issue, we reported the sale of the tug JOHN ROEN III. The name of the purchaser should read Selvick Marine Towing Corp., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and not as reported.

On Page 4, a line was left out of the third paragraph of the article on the steamer SEGUIN. The penultimate sentence of the paragraph should read:

"Subsequent to the final demise of SEGUIN over a half century later, they were installed in the big tug STOIC, which had been built at Toledo in 1913 as the steel ferry ESSEX for the Detroit and Walkerville Ferry Company."

Our thanks to those who spotted the errors and wrote to us about them.


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