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New books dealing with ships appear fairly frequently; those particularly concerned with the Great Lakes, however, are somewhat less numerous. Our members who take great interest in such material will, no doubt, be sufficiently aware of such publications that mention of them in these pages will not be necessary. We do, however, feel that mention should be made of publications produced by members of our society.

Your editor has no intention of placing himself in the position of a book critic. We shall merely advise of the subject, cost and availability of our members' works as a service to T.M.H.S. members.

SHIPS ALONG THE SEAWAY by Skip Gillham - Stonehouse Publications, $2.25.

Skip Gillham is no stranger to shipping enthusiasts in this area. Originally from Toronto and now a resident of Vineland, Skip is one of our more enthusiastic photographers and historians and is author of SHIPS THAT PLY THE LAKES, a weekly feature of The St. Catharines Standard.

His latest effort, SHIPS ALONG THE SEAWAY, is an attempt to produce, for the benefit of visitors to the Welland Canal, a description of the various types of ships using that waterway. The author has chosen several vessels representing each type of carrier and has given a short history of the ship together with a photo. In all, thirty-nine vessels are featured, the majority being lakers.

The book, fifty-two pages in a paperback format, is not intended as a reference work for historians, but should amply serve to enlighten the casual ship-watcher. It may be obtained in the concession booths at Locks 1 and 3 or may be ordered from Stonehouse Publications, R. R. #1, Fonthill, Ontario.

GREAT LAKES LOG by John Lamour - Lamour Printing Co., $2.00

John Lamour, of Monroe, Michigan, is the writer of a panel (a la Ripley) appearing regularly in newspapers in the lakes area. Entitled GREAT LAKES LOG, the series features short, illustrated notes on interesting ships, places, and historical items of interest to persons living around the lakes.

John has now combined fifty-three of these panels into a small, paperback book for the benefit of collectors. It is available directly from the author, 123 East Front Street, Monroe, Michigan, 48161.


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