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Due to our desire to keep down the size of our mid-summer issue, we omitted the report on the Marine Photo Salon which we held Friday, May 7th, following our Spring dinner meeting.

We had approximately 22 entries in the three classes specified, but the number of members participating was disappointing. We do, however, realize the problems involved for our out-of-towners. The limiting of entries to black and white prints also proved to be a difficulty.

The judge for our contest was Mr. Jim Beveridge of Toronto Camera Club fame, a very qualified and talented individual who spoke to us, following the dinner, on the techniques of improving our photographic efforts. An informative and spirited question and answer period followed.

Ribbon winners in the three classes were:

Lakers: 1st Jim Kidd JOHN E. F. MISENER
2nd Al Sagon-King SARNIADOC
3rd Fred Sankoff SIR. DENYS LOWSON
4th Jim Walder KEEWATIN
Salties: 1st Jim Walder SAARSTEIN
3rd Al Sagon-King NORBETH
4th Bill Wilson HOLMSIDE
General Marine: 1st Al Sagon-King THOROLD - at Pulp Dock by night
2nd John Bascom Jr. SOUTH AMERICAN: Even the heavens weep.
3rd John Bascom KEEWATIN Boat Drill.
4th Jim Walder MARTIAN - at Canada Malting

Our thanks to all those who entered. The photos made an extremely handsome display in the Marine Museum.


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