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Norgoma To The North Channel
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We regret not making mention in the mid-Summer issue of a wonderful cruise organized and directed by fellow T.M.H.S. member Charles Bieser of Cleveland. The leisurely trip on NORGOMA from Owen Sound on June 20 to Manitoulin Island ports (as advertised in the March issue) proved to be a delightful, scenic cruise enjoyed by everyone aboard, including the crew!

Jim and John Wellington, of Sugar Island ferry fame, and also Fr. Dowling came aboard at Sault, Ontario, for the four hour trip through the Canadian lock into Whitefish Day and return.

The race between steam and diesel on June 23 was exciting, particularly as this was the first time NORISLE and NORGOMA had travelled from South Bay Mouth to Tobermory together in the same direction. The steam safety valve on the leading NORISLE blew after an hour or so and NORGOMA immediately checked, so consequently there was no declared winner.

Everyone enjoyed a little side venture into the "Big Tub" where Capt. Morrison turned NORGOMA around as if he did it every day.

This was NORGOMA's first trip of the season and she was in immaculate condition, befitting such an auspicious group. T.M.H.S. members aboard included Charlie Bieser, Dave Glick, Ashe Lorriman, Bill Luke, Bill Sharp and Peter Worden. In addition, our friends from the Steamship Historical Society of America made up a passenger list which guaranteed three days of "solid steamboating."

---- Jim Kidd


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