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Whenever we print information about a certain fleet or ship, it must be remembered that this is in no way the final word on the subject. Every item we publish may, at some future time, be used as a reference by other researchers, and so we take pains to print additional or corrected data, as available, in order that errors be not perpetuated. Our thanks to those who have taken the time to send along their comments,

Ref. Vol. III, No. 4

- COLABEE was, as reported, torpedoed on March 12, 1942. We learn that the deed was perpetrated by U-126, Capt. Bauer, in location 22.10 N., 77.30 W. She was not, of course, sunk,

Ref. Vol. III, No. 6

- GEO. R. DONOVAN. As KENORDOC (I), while a part of convoy SC-3, was sunk on September 15, 1940, by U-48, Capt. Bleichrodt, in position 57.42 N., 15.02 W.

- JAMES B. FOOTE. As PORTADOC (I), was sunk April 4, 1941, by U-124, Capt. Schultz, in position 07.17 N., 16.53 W.

- WAHCONDAH. We neglected to mention an accident which occurred on July 12, 1915. In a fog on Lake Huron, she collided with, and sank, the Monitor CHOCTAW of the Cleveland Cliffs Steamship Company.

- CEDARTON. We reported that she had been scrapped at Montreal in 1962, but this is not the case. In November 1962, while owned by Century Metals, she was towed from Montreal to Port Cartier with a cargo of salt and was used over the winter for storage by Federal Commerce and Navigation. On April 29, 1963, she was returned to Montreal by the tug FEDERAL MONARCH. She apparently lay idle until November 1964 when she was cut down to a barge and was reported for sale. We would appreciate details of her final disposition,

Ref. Vol. III, No. 7

- SCOTTISH HERO. Through a typographical error we omitted details of her loss. While on her first Eastbound voyage after returning to salt water, she was torpedoed and sunk on June 10, 1917, off Cape Carbonara, Sardinia.


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