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Great Lakes Red Book
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Ship of the Month No. 15 The Deep One
The Montreal - Toronto - Hamilton Express Service
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Most of our readers will be familiar with the "Red Book," a pocket-size listing of Great Lakes vessels along with their owners and appointments for the season. The book is this year being produced by a different publisher who hopes to have it available about May 15th. The usual price is $3.00, but the Marine Historical Society of Detroit has placed a special order which will enable members to purchase the "Red Book" for $2.00 each. Mutual member Al Jackman is handling sales and has issued an invitation for T.M.H.S. members to participate as well.

If you are interested, please send your order and remittance to Mr. J. Albin Jackman 8466 Salem Lane, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127, U.S.A. Also available is a Stack Chart illustrating stack colours of the various lake and ocean fleets. Regularly $2.00, it may be obtained by members for $1.50. When you order either item, please remember to identify yourself as a T.M.H.S. member.


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