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First off, we should like to welcome to T.M.H.S. a whole flock of new members. Greetings go to Capt. D'Alton Hudson, longtime Skipper of the A. A. HUDSON (Midland); Wm. G. Carruthers (Scarborough); Russell W. Parkinson Jr. (Livonia, Michigan); Chas. Comsa (Royal Oak, Michigan): Arthur C. Roberts (Marysville, Michigan); E. J. Morris (St. Clair Shores, Michigan); Murray S. Manson (Toronto); Gerald T. Girvin (Rochester); and Brian Renaud (Windsor).

We regret to advise that our friend, the Postmaster General, is trying to sock it to us once again with two upcoming postal rate increases. This, in conjunction with higher costs of our photo pages, leads us to consider raising membership dues to $7.00 effective next fall. Comments?

This will be our last regular issue for this volume, although we hope to produce an extra issue at mid-Summer. Until then, best wishes to all members and our deep thanks to those who so faithfully send us the latest in news for our Journal.


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