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Atlantic Steamship Lines


Crew List Glasgow to Montreal Voyage No 1 1907
Name Rank Wages Per Month Name Rank Wages Per Month
Jas. Gillies Commander T. Conelly Greaser 4.15.0
H. A. Johnsen Chief Officer 14.0.0 Wm. Gallacher Greaser 4.15.0
Wm. Dunn 2nd Officer 11.0.0 M. Markey Greaser 4.15.0
H. Annall 3rd Officer 9.0.0 P. Moore Greaser 4.15.0
F. Walker Carpenter 6.0.0 P. Devlin Fireman 4.10.0
W. J. Wilson Bosun 5.0.0 Andrew Devlin Fireman 4.10.0
D. McKenzie A. B. 4. 5.0 Wm. Gallacher Fireman 4.10.0
Jas. Moffatt A. B. 4.5.0 Robt. Devlin Fireman 4.10.0
Jas. McKinnon A. B. 4.5.0 Alex. Bell Fireman 4.10.0
A. Laira A. B. 4.5.0 C. E. Thomas Fireman 4.10.0
A. Robertson A. B. 4.5.0 Jas. Sunter Fireman 4.10.0
A. McLeod A. B. 4.5.0 A. Campbell Fireman 4.10.0
J. Riddell A. B. 4.5.0 J. McIntyre Fireman 4.10.0
M. Morrison A. B. 4.5.0 H. Welsh Fireman 4.10.0
J. M. Fleming Chief Engineer 20.0.0 P. McGuckin Fireman 4.10.0
E. A. Younge 2nd Engineer 14.0.0 J. Owens Fireman 4.10.0
L. Harwood 3rd Engineer 11.0.0 J. Fowles Chief Steward 9. 0.0
J. F. Poynot 4th Engineer 10.0.0 A. Lohmann Ass't. Steward 3. 0.0
Jas. MacKay Donkeyman 5.5.0 H. B. Laycoe Officers' Steward 3. 0.0
Geo. Haskis Storekeeper 4. 15.0 W. A. Frith Engs.' Steward 3. 0 .0
S. Lindsay Greaser 4.15.0 Geo. Williams Cook & Baker 7. 0.0
J. Cameron Greaser 4.15.0 Wm. Ward Ass't. Cook 4.10.0




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