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New Registrations

331081 AGAWA CANYON. Self-unloading bulk carrier, M.V. 635.2 x 72.1 x 39.0. Gross 16290, Net 11261. 6664 h.p. Algoma Central Railway. Built 1970 Collingwood. Reg. at Collingwood, 20/11/70.

331082 IMPERIAL DARTMOUTH, Tanker, M.V. 205.5 x 40.1 x 15.9. Gross 1111, Net 1045. 760 h.p. Imperial Oil Ltd. Built 1970. Collingwood. Reg. at Collingwood 27/11/70.

345163 MARGARET YORKE. Tug, M.V. 99.8 x 35.0 x 9.8. Gross 272, Net 203. 1700 h.p. F.M.Yorke & Sons Ltd., Vancouver. Built 1970 Wheatley. Reg. at Vancouver, 11/2/71.

331571 PRINCESS OF NEW NOVA. Ferry, M.V. 459.4 x 66.1 x 37.2. Gross 10109, Net 6199. 11500 h.p. Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Built 1970 St. John, N.B. Reg. St. John, 27/2/71.


310483 NORTH VOYAGEUR, Quebec, M.V., to (b) VOYAGEUR D. 10/70.

112393 EVA (a) DRUID (51), (b) STEVE AHERN (58), (c) ISLE VERTE (60), (d) VEGA (65), (e) EVA MARIE (67), St. John's, Nfld., M.V. to (g) MARINE COASTER. Date not known.

Registrations Closed

14/10/70. 310134 GANNETT, Ottawa, M.V. Vessel retired.
15/10/70. 326471 IRVING WHALE, St. John, Barge. Foundered.
22/10/70. 68808 M.I.L. 495, (a) METCALFE (27), (b) FAIRMOUNT (II) (63), Sorel, Salvage barge. Dismantled.
23/10/70. 150232 ELIZABETH HINDMAN, Owen Sound, M.V. Sold U.S.A. (for scrapping).
31/10/70. 157359 GULF TRANSPORT, Montreal, S. Sold Italian,
9/11/70. 301563 ANIK, Quebec. M.V. Transferred to Georgetown, Cayman Is.
19/11/70. 171704 IMPERIAL VANCOUVER, Vancouver. M.V. Transferred to Hamilton, Bda.
20/11/70. 192760 G.S.S. NO. I, (a) ST. CATHARINES, Ottawa. S. Sold Japanese.
8/12/70. 329722 PECHE ISLAND IV, Windsor. M.V. Sold Mexican.
11/12/70. 122217 HERCULES., Quebec. S. Dismantled.
11/12/70. 103824 W.A.BOWDEN, Quebec. S. Dismantled.
4/ 1/71. 133937 DOLLARD, Ottawa. S. "Completely Demolished."
14/ 1/71. 145465 MANCOX, Toronto. S. Dismantled,
1/2/71. 175594 FEDERAL PIONEER. Montreal. S. Sold U.S.A.
11/ 2/71. 310132 AUK, (a) D. O.T. 74, Ottawa, M.V. Sold Portugese.
25/ 2/71. 313979 SILLERY, Montreal. M.V. Burned.

(S - Steam Powered; M.V. - Motor Vessel)

Perhaps we should pass along a word of warning. The above list is intended as a check list only, and dates of official registry closure are not necessarily those of sale or of scrapping. In the case of new vessels, we include dimensions to bring the records up to date, but these figures do not correspond with the "registered dimensions" appearing in both Lloyd's and the A.B.S. "Record," and used in our fleet lists.

We have included only ships appearing regularly on the lakes or the Upper St. Lawrence as well as particularly common Government or ocean vessels. We hope to make this listing a regular feature, and our thanks for the information go to George Ayoub.


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