To Save The Ned Hanlan

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One of the most forlorn sights on the Toronto Waterfront right now is the steam tug NED HANLAN which has laid for five years in the Metro Marine Yard since her retirement. Outwardly, she is in rather sorry shape and has a suspicion of a list to port. The tug is owned by the Toronto Historical Board which is currently attempting to raise the funds necessary to move the HANLAN to a sight near the Marine Museum for display.

With this in mind, and to show the Board that at least some people in our city care about the demise of the steam powered tug, the Toronto Marine Historical Society has offered to wash and paint the boat at such time as her future has been definitely decided. We feel certain that our local members would be more than happy to devote a weekend to such a deserving project. Happily, our offer has been accepted, and we shall have more details on arrangements when the HANLAN's future is announced.


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