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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with former names under which they may have appeared in these parts.

ACAMAR (STARCLIPPER), 9999, 1957, Bulgarian. Renamed PERSENG.

ALFREDO (SIGNEBORG), 1455, 1939, Italian. Sold within Italy.

ANGOLAKUST, 3356, 1955, Dutch. Sold Greek.

ARIA (GLYNN), 6906, 1947, Somalian. Sold Cypriot.

MATHILDE BOLTEN, 12012, 1961, West German. Sold Greek.

BRANDENBURG, 2695, 1951, West German. Sunk in Straits of Dover 12/1/71 after apparently hitting wreck of TEXACO-CARIBBEAN which was damaged by collision, and explosion 11/1/71.

CAPO MELE, 9160, 1951, Sicilian. Sold Greek.

CRYSTAL CROWN, 8671, 1957, British. Sold Far Eastern.

GOHSHU MARU, 8265, 1959, Japanese. Sold within Japan.

ISOLDE, 4688, 1956, Swedish. Sold Liberian, renamed AURIGA.

MARANON (DUNKERY BEACON), 8479. 1959, Peruvian. Sold Cypriot, renamed IRIS.

HILDE MITTMANN, 3664, 1952, West German. Sold Panamanian, renamed MILFORD.

MORMACFIR, 7329, 1945, American. Sold Panamanian, renamed SUPERINA.

ROSALDINA (RAGNEBORG), 1988, 1947, Peruvian. Sold within Peru, renamed CHAVIN.

SAGAMORE HILL (SANTA MERCEDES), 8231, 1944, American. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

SAINT JOHN (JOHN MARIS), 7490, 1954, Liberian. Sold Cypriot, renamed GIANNIS.

HEINRICH UDO SCHULTE, 1998, 1957, West German. Transferred within Schulte Group, renamed HAMBURGER MICHEL.

SILDIN (HERTHA), 2505, 1954, Icelandic. Sold Italian, renamed ORSEOLO.

TAVROS (TRANSONTARIO (I), POLYCREST, HARPEFJELL (I)), 1502, 1939, Greek. Sold to Spanish breakers.

TERRIER (STEGE, EBBA ROBBERT), 1127, 1957, British. Transferred within Britain.

TRANSGERMANIA; 8684, 1954, Vest German. Sold Pakistani.

TUULIKKI (OTIS, ERHOLM, ERLAND), 1589, 1942-45, Finnish. Sold within Finland at public auction.

TOM VAN DER HEIDE, 499, 1951, Dutch Antilles. Sold Panamanian, renamed GOLD FRUIT.

YILDUN, 5421, 1950, Dutch. Sold Greek, renamed AGIOS SPYRIDON.


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