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The Editor's Notebook
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All those present at our January meeting (and it was one of the best attended meetings we have had) were treated to a truly enjoyable evening as Barbara Howard presented a showing of some of her colour photography. The program included a number of views of lighthouses around the lakes as well as some nostalgic shots of the old St. Lawrence Canals and ships that have since been retired. Our thanks to Barbara for an excellent program

Speaking of meetings, it seems lately that we have had to describe future meetings as "To be announced" since it is often not until the last minute that we can get entertainment together for the evening. We would appreciate suggestions for meetings as well as volunteers to address our gatherings.

A warm welcome goes out to the following new members: Bob MacDonald, Erie; George Ayoub, Ottawa; Robert Pocotte, Riverview; George Giasson, Wyandotte; Donald Boone, Collingwood; Duff Brace, Ashtabula; Tom Smith, Palatine; William Brown, Hamilton, and Rene Beauchamp of Montreal.

We take pleasure in including our membership roster with this issue.

In addition to those mentioned elsewhere in this issue, our thanks for their help in submitting items for publication go to Paul Sherlock, Dick Turner, James Gerger, Capt. John Leonard, Bill Bruce, Jim Marr, John Greenwood, Jim Kaysen, Skip Gillham and Fred Sankoff, Keep it coming, fellows!


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