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The derrick scow AFT, formerly STEEL KING's stern section, reposes in the Marine Salvage scrapyard. Oct. 17, 1970. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
Remember last issue when we asked you to guess the identity of the pilothouse that served as a workhouse on the deck of the derrick scow, AFT? Well, by the time our little quiz appeared in print, the workmen of Marine Salvage Ltd. had already begun the job of dismantling the remains of the former STEEL KING. So much for the chance to observe the old house up close!

Since it is a little unfair to ask a question and then take away the clues before anyone can get the answer, we are repeating the question this month. Take a good long look at the photo of AFT that appears in this issue. Now, paint the house white, put in a few panes of glass, and add two doors and a sunvisor. Then think of a ship that lost her old pilothouse (and, of course, got a new one) a few years before STEEL KING was cut down to a barge in 1955. The ship changed her registry recently.

We will admit that it took us a little while to work this one out ourselves, but this wheelhouse has several distinctive characteristics that should lead you to the answer. Now that you have had a chance to look at the picture and consider the clues, we shall expect answers from all of those ship fans who think that they can identify a steamer by the colour of her smoke over the horizon.


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