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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with former names under which they may have appeared in these parts.

ANCHA (ALEXANDRA SARTORI) 2756 - 1954. West German. Sold Cypriot and renamed CAROLINE.

BANNERCLIFF, 7328 - 1948. British. Sold Cypriot and renamed SILVER COAST.

CATE BROVIG, 10047 - 1952. Norwegian. Sold Greek and renamed STAVROS T.

CHRISTIAN (See report Vol. III, No. l). Renamed CHRYSOVALANDOU.

ELIN HOPE, 13073 - 1961. Norwegian. Sold Far Eastern.

EMMANUEL M. (TORONTO CITY (I)), 4663 - 1947-49. Stranded off Scharhorn Dec. 3, 1967. Refloated July 7, 1970, and sold to German breakers. Arrived at Hamburg July 15, 1970.

ENTAN (MAPLE HILL, FORT VERCHERES), 7058 - 1943, (Montreal). Panamanian, Sold to Japanese breakers.

GHISLAIN (GHISLAIN MARIE), 1134 - 1949. Sold within Canada and renamed ANIK.

HESTIA, 2512 - 1951. West German. Sold Cypriot and renamed AGIA MARINA.

IRISH ASH, 11712 - 1958. Irish. Sold Greek,

IRISH MAPLE, 8288 - 1957. Irish, Sold Greek and renamed ALIAKMON PIONEER.

KAMPHORN (ADRIANA), 1600 - 1953. West German. Sold Dutch and renamed WEST VLIELAND.

KIFFA (FRANCISCA SARTORI), 2588 - 1954. West German. Sold Cypriot; renamed PANAGIA.

KORBACH, 1861 - 1955. West German. Sold Liberian and renamed PATRICIA.

LELETA (GEORGIOS MANOLAKIS) 10060 - 1939. Greek. Sold Dutch and renamed LETA.

LONDON BREEZE (WELSH TRADER), 7897 - 1954. British (Hong Kong). Sold within Hong Kong and renamed GOLDEN BRIDGE.

LYNGENFJORD 3791 - 1948. Norwegian. Sold within Norway and renamed AMRONTO.

MANCHESTER EXPORTER, 7403 - 1952. British. Sold Greek and renamed GEMINI EXPLORER.

RIALTO, 4993 - 1949. British. Sold Cypriot and renamed SANDRA.

AUGUSTE SCHULTE (VERIA) 721 - 1952. West German. Sold Bahamian and renamed CARIBBEAN

GUNTHER SCHULTE (KURD ARIT), 1813 - 1953. West German. Sold Greek and renamed SKIATHOS.

SUNPOLYNA, 12400- 1956. Norwegian. Sold Greek and renamed ARISTILLOS.

WALDECK, 2968 - 1953. West German. Sold Greek and renamed BELIA.


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