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Holiday Greetings
The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Salty Changes
Aft Again
Appointment At Vermilion
Ship of the Month No. 12 To Niagara From The Clyde
The Keystone Fleets
Table of Illustrations
1 The derrick scow AFT, formerly STEEL KING's stern section, reposes in the Marine Salvage scrapyard. Oct. 17, 1970. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
2 DEEPWATER, upboundwith a load of pulpwood, at Homer in the Welland Canal on July 8, 1934. Photo by J. M. Kidd
3 TREVISA is seen at Milwaukee during the 1930's in this photo by Edwin Wilson
4 KEYSTATE has just left Welland Canal Lock 8, upbound, in this view taken by J. M. Kidd at Port Colborne, July 2, 1951.

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