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One of the smaller Canadian fleets engaged in the transportation of bulk ore, coal, grain and salt cargoes on the Lakes is known as Norlake Steamships Ltd. of Toronto,

This company was formed in 1964 by Capt. Ronald Tackaberry and associates when they purchased the inactive upper lakes bulk carrier, ALEXANDER LESLIE. In October 1965, an additional carrier, MANITOBA, was acquired and placed in service. As both ships are small and far from new, these operators show courage in competing on the open market with the giants of the industry and their new maximum-sized vessels.

Norlake's two ships have black hulls, white forecastles and cabins, and black stacks with a silver diamond and red "N".

ALEXANDER LESLIE was built in 1901 at Cleveland by the American Shipbuilding Co. and her dimensions are as follows: 346 x 48 x 28, 3509 gross tons, 2000 net tons. This was a very popular size of vessel at the time of her building although today the new giants far exceed her carrying capacity. She was built as the J. T. HUTCHINSON for the Pioneer Steamship Co. of Cleveland, Hutchinson & Co., Managers. Wrecked on Point Iroquois, Lake Superior, in the Great Storm of November 9, 1913, she was salvaged and later returned to service. She was extensively rebuilt in 1920 and for several years during the 1920's she operated in the short-lived and unsuccessful Forest City Steamship Co. (Cleveland) fleet as H.A.ROCK. In 1927, she was acquired by the Lake Erie Coal Co. Ltd., Walkerville, Canadian subsidiary of the Pere Marquette Railroad. Reboilered at Port Weller 1950-1951, she remained in the service of these owners until laid up in the early 1960's. Acquired by Norlake in 1964, she has seen continuous service since entering this fleet.

MANITOBA, larger than the LESLIE, was built by American Shipbuilding in 1907 at their Lorain yard and her tonnage is 5880 gross, 4515 net, on dimensions of 480 x 52 x 30. Built for the Lackawanna Steamship Co., Pickands Mather & Co., Cleveland, Managers, she originally carried the name VERONA, and was absorbed in 1913 by the newly-formed Interlake Steamship Co., Cleveland (also managed by Pickands Mather). Rebuilt at Fairport, Ohio, in 1921, she continued in the Interlake fleet until 1959 when she was sold to the Kinsman Transit Co., Cleveland, and renamed HENRY STEINBRENNER (II). At the opening of the 1965 season, she was given the name UHLMANN BROTHERS (I), but was sold on October 19th, 1965, to Norlake and renamed MANITOBA.


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