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As most of our members know, we have decided to make our major project the setting up and maintaining of our own room in the museum, the assisting of the museum being a condition to our continued holding of meetings there. Each display which will be maintained for a period of four to six months, will feature two fleets, one being a Lake fleet and the other, hopefully, being an ocean fleet trading regularly into the Great Lakes area. Displays will be made up of photos and items of interest connected with the fleets and we feel sure that we will be able to obtain the loan of some very interesting artifacts from the various shipping lines.

All this will take some time to put together and we therefore believe that the first showing should be entirely the work of our members; that is, items from their own collections or obtained personally by them. We have asked each photography-minded member to bring to the March meeting two of his best photographs for perusal and selection by the Museum Committee and those selected, either for the quality of photography or the interest of subject, will be enlarged and mounted by the Society for display. Items, of course, need not be brought to the meeting if that is not convenient, and those having any material to loan or donate should contact Bill Wilson, Bruce Smith or the writer to make the necessary arrangements. Of course, our display cannot be exclusively photographic, and we are thus looking for marine relics with which we know many of our members are well-stocked. Houseflags, wheels, gauges, logs, ringbuoys, whistles, models and plans are only a few of the items that would make up a good showing and any contributions or loans of such material will be much appreciated. All material will be well protected and cared for while in the museum's custody. We have already received three outstanding colour prints from member, Dyke Cobb, and a number of donations have been made to the marine library.

So come on, fellows, think how good that builder's plate, model or station bill would look installed in our very own room! It won't take much work, just your co-operation in letting us know what you would like to loan us for the occasion.

John Bascom, Jr.


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