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Erie Navigation Co. of Erie. Pa., has purchased the small self-unloading stone carrier, A. G. BRECKLING (a) DANIEL McCOOL, (b) J. B. JOHN II, 147 x 33.1 x 13.9. She was built at Manitowoc, Wis., in 1926 as a diesel powered cement carrier. Converted for the stone trade in 1964, she is now to be renamed (d) PEERLESS and reconverted to a cement carrier for the 1969 season.

A Canadian subsidiary of Erie Navigation Co., has purchased the well-known sand-sucker, NIAGARA, (a) RIDEAULITE, (b) IMPERIAL LACHINE and will rename her (d) W.M. EDINGTON. 175 x 35.3 x 13, she was built in 1930 at Haverton Hill on Tees, England for Imperial Oil Ltd., as a tanker. She was converted into a sandsucker in 1954 by Toronto Drydock Ltd., for Holden Sand and Gravel Co. - later absorbed by McNamara Marine Ltd., Toronto.

Medusa Portland Cement Co., Cleveland, has taken a long term option to purchase on Interlake Steamship Company's C.H. McCULLOUGH JR., (a) WARD AMES and may convert her to a cement carrier in 1970 or later. 550 x 56 x 30, gross 5939 tons, she was built in 1907 at Superior, Wis. Repowered in 1954.

Kinsman Marine Transit Co. (a subsidiary of American Shipbuilding Co.) will rename their present GEORGE M. STEINBRENNER, (a) JOHN SHERWIN I (b) SATURN III, (d) KINSMAN VENTURE. Built 1906 at West Bay City, Michigan, she measures 534 x 54 x 31, 6490 gross tons. The same operators will rename JOSEPH BLOCK (a) ARTHUR H. HAWGOOD (c) GEORGE M. STEINBRENNER II. She was built in 1907 at West Bay City, Michigan, 569 x 56 x 31, 6816 gross tons.


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