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Peter Lamare, Jr.
Peter Lamare, Sr.
Captain Joseph Lampoh
Captain Stephen Lampoh
Frank D. Lang
Stephen F. Langell
Captain Frank F. Langley
Captain Horace K. Langley
Captain John Horace Langley
Captain Samuel Gillman Langley
Alf H. Lanthier
Captain Crawford Large
Captain W. H. Larrabee Wood, Emma C. (Wife Of Captain W.H. Larrabee)
Mandius Larsen
Nicholas Larson
M. S. Laucks
John Laudvick
Edwin J. Law
James Law
Captain Samuel Law
George C. Lawrence, Jr.
Joseph Lawson
Captain James Lawless
Robert Learmonth
John James Leavy
Sidney Le Beau
Captain Seth Lee
William P. Lee
Robert Leitch
Thomas Leitch
Captain T. Lemey
William S. Lennox
Captain Samuel E. Leonard
Edgar C. Lewin
Captain Charles H. Lewis
J. E. Lewis
H. D. Lighthall
Joseph Limberger
Captain Patrick Linn
Michael Livingston
Samuel A. Lloyd
William A. Lloyd
Captain C. W. Lockwood
Charles Lorimer
Anson Loveless
Captain John Lowe
John W. Lowe
Captain Joseph Lowes
Jonathan Lowry
Jasper D. Luehrs
Theodore Lustig
Captain Charles A. Lyman
Captain E. J. Lynn
George F. Lynn
Captain W. J. Lynn
Captain R. J. Lyons
Captain S. A. Lyons
Captain John Lysaght
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Anson Loveless

Anson Loveless was born April 19, 1856, at Muskegon, Mich., son of Charles and Elizabeth (Piggott) Loveless, are natives of Pennsylvania and Canada, respectively. They are still living and reside at Fremont, Michigan.

Anson Loveless attended school at his native place until he was eighteen years of age, when he went to Ann Arbor and served two years at the machinist's trade. In this occupation he spent seven years altogether, and then began his marine life, shipping on the steamer Massachusetts as oiler. He served three seasons in that capacity upon the Minnesota, Manhattan and Manchester, in December, 1890, receiving his papers. The following year he spent in Milwaukee as engineer of the Milwaukee Light & Power Co., and upon his return to the lakes he became second engineer on the William H. Wolf for part of a season, finishing same on the Lackawanna, afterward spending a year and a half on the Escanaba and the same length of time on the E. P. Wilbur. In 1896 he came on the Parks Foster to fill the position which he now holds. Mr. Loveless has traveled extensively throughout the United States, has visited the Pacific coast twice, and made a trip to China on the City of Pekin as ship machinist.

Mr. Loveless was married, June 8, 1876, to Miss Jennie Hough, of Kingston, Ontario, who died in December, 1878, leaving one child, Minnie, who still lives at her father's home. On January 1, 1896, he was married to Miss Jeanette Stewart, of Racine, Wis., and they have one child. Socially Mr. Loveless is a Royal Arch Mason, a member of the Eastern Star, I. O. O. F., M. E. B. A. and Hoo-Hoos.


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