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Peter Lamare, Jr.
Peter Lamare, Sr.
Captain Joseph Lampoh
Captain Stephen Lampoh
Frank D. Lang
Stephen F. Langell
Captain Frank F. Langley
Captain Horace K. Langley
Captain John Horace Langley
Captain Samuel Gillman Langley
Alf H. Lanthier
Captain Crawford Large
Captain W. H. Larrabee Wood, Emma C. (Wife Of Captain W.H. Larrabee)
Mandius Larsen
Nicholas Larson
M. S. Laucks
John Laudvick
Edwin J. Law
James Law
Captain Samuel Law
George C. Lawrence, Jr.
Joseph Lawson
Captain James Lawless
Robert Learmonth
John James Leavy
Sidney Le Beau
Captain Seth Lee
William P. Lee
Robert Leitch
Thomas Leitch
Captain T. Lemey
William S. Lennox
Captain Samuel E. Leonard
Edgar C. Lewin
Captain Charles H. Lewis
J. E. Lewis
H. D. Lighthall
Joseph Limberger
Captain Patrick Linn
Michael Livingston
Samuel A. Lloyd
William A. Lloyd
Captain C. W. Lockwood
Charles Lorimer
Anson Loveless
Captain John Lowe
John W. Lowe
Captain Joseph Lowes
Jonathan Lowry
Jasper D. Luehrs
Theodore Lustig
Captain Charles A. Lyman
Captain E. J. Lynn
George F. Lynn
Captain W. J. Lynn
Captain R. J. Lyons
Captain S. A. Lyons
Captain John Lysaght
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Charles Lorimer

Charles Lorimer, the subject of this sketch, was born at Banffshire, Scotland, in 1854. He is the son of John and Isabella (Taylor) Lorimer. His father was a veterinary surgeon of high repute among horsemen. Charles acquired his education in the public schools of his native shire. In 1876 he entered the employ of the Tochineal Brick Company, and ran a stationary engine in their works, remaining with that company six years. In the spring of 1882 he came to the United States, locating in Detroit, Michigan, where he worked for Messrs. Ferguson & Co. until the spring of 1886, when he shipped as oiler on the passenger steamer City of Mackinaw, holding that berth six years. In the spring of 1893 he took out an engineer's license and shipped on the Republic Iron Company's steam monitor Chocktaw, remaining one season, when, in 1894, he was appointed assistant engineer on the steamer James Fisk. In 1895 he sailed as assistant engineer on the passenger steamer State of Ohio, out of the Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company. In the spring of 1896 Mr. Lorimer transferred to the new steamer City of Buffalo, of the same line, as first assistant engineer, which berth he held two seasons, and in 1898 was chief engineer of the steamer State of Ohio. He has four issues of marine engineer's license.

Mr. Lorimer is a man of genial disposition, a careful and competent engineer, and has gained for himself a host of friends during his residence in the United States.


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