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Our thanks to Rene Beauchamp who brought to our attention three errors that crept into the April issue. We spoke of JOHN A. FRANCE wintering at St. Lambert before becoming the first upbound commercial ship of the season in the Seaway. In fact, she wintered at Montreal. Although CANADA MARQUIS was the second laker up the canals, the second ship upbound in the Seaway was the salty JUVENTIA. And we mistakenly referred to the salty STOLT ASPIRATION as "STOLT INSPIRATION". This just goes to show what happens when our regular proofreader (the T.M.H.S. Secretary) is unavailable and Ye Ed. must proofread his own writing. That is an impossible task, for what one sees is what one thinks one wrote, not what one actually wrote...

* * * * *

Ye Ed. now gets to take his long-awaited summer vacation from the typewriter! The next issue of "Scanner", the Mid-Summer number, should be coming out to the members sometime in August, all being well, so please watch for it then.


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