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We extend sincere thanks to Mary and Ray Mifflin for their excellent presentation on Canadian lake lighthouses at our April meeting. By the time these words appear in print, our Annual Dinner Meeting will be history, and we will have enjoyed the special programme prepared for the occasion by Jim Semon. Our thanks go to Jim, to Gordon Turner for arranging the programme, to Bill Wilson for selecting the menu and selling tickets, and to all those who attended to help celebrate our Twentieth Anniversary.

Yes, believe it or not, T.M.H.S. is now twenty years old, and for the durability of this Society we owe a debt of gratitude to a great many more people than we can mention here. As we celebrate twenty years of T.M.H.S. and "Scanner", we remember all of the good times we have had together and we hope for many more years of success for the Society. With the support of all our members, we should have no difficulty in achieving this goal.


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