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It is with pleasure that we announce that the fifth annual edition of member Rene Beauchamp's Seaway Ocean Vessels, this edition covering the 1987 navigation season, is now available.

A 24-page softcover effort, it features an attractive printed cover, with a photo of STOLT INSPIRATION which was taken on her maiden voyage into the lakes. The publication includes a list of all salties using the Seaway in 1987, with appropriate details, and there is a separate review of those ships which made their first appearance in the Seaway during the season. Also included are many other interesting facts about the "Seaway Salties", a record of first and last passages through the St. Lawrence canals each year, etc The work has been compiled with Rene's usual penchant for detail and accuracy.

A "must" for salty fans, the publication may be ordered from Rene Beauchamp, 9041 Bellerive, Montreal, Quebec H1L 3S5. Enclose $5.00 Canadian or $4.50 U.S. funds, these amounts being inclusive of postage and handling.


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