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Ship of the Month No. 164 Yankcanuck (I)
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Table of Illustrations
1 MANCHESTER is downbound in the St. Clair River in a photo by Pesha.
2 Buffalo Dry Dock Co. photo caught MANCHESTER on the dock on November 10, 1919. The package freighter in the background is NORTH STAR.
3 JOS. W. SIMPSON was sailing for the George Hall Corporation when A. E. Young took this photo at Little Rapids Cut in 1925.
4 Perhaps the best photo ever taken of MINDEMOYA was made by the late Capt. W. J. Taylor on July 31, 1940.
5 J. H. Bascom photo shows YANKCANUCK at the Century Coal Dock, Toronto, on May 21, 1956. That's Ye Ed. standing beside the steamer!
6 The stripped remains of YANKCANUCK lie along the upper St. Mary's in a June 21, 1959 photo by J. H. Bascom.

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