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The Editor's Notebook
Ship of the Month No. 146 Cayuga
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The April Meeting was held Saturday the 5th in Thorold, the first time that T.M.H.S. has ever held a formal meeting away from Toronto. The evening was a great success and the turnout was most encouraging, as it was a splendid opportunity for Toronto members to get together with our Niagara supporters. Charles Tully presented the programme. We are grateful to those members who spread the word of the meeting, which resulted in a number of new members being signed up at the gathering.

By the time most of you read these words, the Dinner Meeting will be history. This memorable meeting featured speaker Lorne Joyce and we thank him for his presentation. We also extend thanks to Gordon Turner for arranging the programme, to Bill Wilson for selling tickets and arranging the dinner, and to Barbara Howard and Charlie Colenutt for providing table favours for the event.

We hope that readers will forgive the peculiar format of this particular issue. Certain layout changes had to be made to accommodate our rather lengthy Ship of the Month feature, and a sixteen-page issue became a necessity.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Andrew Kachmarik of Parma Heights, Ohio, to Capt. F. G. McKeown of Midland, and to Ken Voss, Merrill Newell and Capt. Mike Pratt, all of St. Catharines.


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