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The Canadian Dredge and Dock Company may soon close its shipyard at Kingston, Ontario. The yard, which has operated since 1931. recently lost out on its bid to build a tug for Ports Canada, and the company will probably pull out of Kingston altogether. It is also said the McAllister towing operations at Kingston may be discontinued, all of which will undoubtedly please the Kingston city fathers and the local newspaper.

-- A shortage of fuel in the Canadian Soo brought the Finnish tanker KIISLA into the St. Mary's River. U.S.C.G. KATMAI BAY broke a track in the river, and KIISLA was into the Soo on February 15 and again on February 19. each time carrying shared Texaco and Sunoco product. The ship encountered no particularly unusual ice problems, although on several other occasions she has required the assistance of U.S.C.G. BISCAYNE BAY in the Straits of Mackinac.

-- Pressure is mounting in the Canadian Soo for the removal of the A. B. McLean Ltd. lightering barge T. F. NEWMAN from her moorings in the lower harbour. Many locals consider the barge to be an eyesore. The Mclean firm would like to relocate its Soo facilties, [sic] but no other location has yet been made available.

-- U.S. Steel is still proceeding with the reactivation of ROGER BLOUGH, but although other ships of its fleet will be in service during March and April, it is unlikely that BLOUGH will be in service until May. She will likely put in most of her time running ore to Gary, Indiana.

? It has been many months since any ship unloaded at Victory Mills, Toronto, which has suffered from labour problems, and which received much of its fall soya bean shipment by truck. However, on March 3. CANADIAN HUNTER, which was given a partial storage load in the autumn, was taken around to the elevator for unloading. Concurrently, GOLDEN HIND was being unloaded at the Bathurst Street elevator of Canada Malting Ltd.

A Last Reminder: Please check the front page for details of the April Meeting, which is to be held at Thorold, Ontario. Plan to attend.



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