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Ship of the Month No. 143A CARMONA
Emperor Revisited
Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1985-86
Annual Dinner Meeting
1985 Shipbreaking Activity at Thunder Bay
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Scott B. Worden, Jr.
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 Photo by Barry Andersen shows SAVIC, the former CLIFFS VICTORY, downbound at Bridge 5 in the Welland Canal on December 25, 1985.
2 AMOCO INDIANA, now destined to become a cement carrier, was caught by the Editor's camera above Six Mile Point, St. Mary's River, on July 27, 1978.
3 View dating from the late 1890s shows CARMONA still sporting C.P.R. stack colours, although owned by W. J. Brown and the Georgian Bay Navigation Co.
4 The Davidson steamer SHENANDOAH was towing the barge GRANADA when she hit CARMONA on June 5, 1899. Young photo at the Soo dates from 1905.

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