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At this time of year, many marine publications feature "official" lists of the various ships that each of the Great Lakes fleets will be operating during the current season, together with the names of masters and chief engineers appointed to those vessels. The annual appointment lists are always eagerly awaited by shipping enthusiasts who want to see whether there is any hope that their favourite ships will be running that year.

Unfortunately, the outlook for lake shipping in 1985 is so gloomy, particularly on the Canadian side, that the new appointment reports are discouraging, to say the least. Not wishing to be the bearer of evil tidings, we have decided that of more interest than the 1985 appointments are those of a better year. We thus present herewith the appointments for various lake fleets for the 1926 season, as excerpted from the May, 1926, issue of "Canadian Railway and Marine World". Having thus turned the clock back no less than fifty-nine years, we now face a great shipping season, and we would suggest that all readers make sure that they have a good supply of glass photographic plates ready, or if they have truly gone modern, that they dust off those folding Kodaks, and head off to a good boat-watching place.

How about taking NORTHUMBERLAND or DALHOUSIE CITY over to Port Dalhousie, where there is always lots of marine activity? The Soo or the Huron Cut are also good spots, and if we really want to get adventuresome, we could travel eastward and spend some time along, say, the Soulanges Canal, perhaps concentrating on the scenic Cascades area. And, for a little added excitement, we could always ride RAPIDS PRINCE or RAPIDS QUEEN down through the St. Lawrence River rapids.

In any event, the following report shows the various operating vessels by company, the name of each ship followed in order by the master and chief engineer appointed to her for the season.

Algoma Central Steamship Line: AGAWA - W.C. Jordan, A.H. Chalmers; HOME SMITH - Jos. Armstrong, Wm. Tymon; J. FRATER TAYLOR - H.J. Lavers, Thos. Bogie; W. C. FRANZ - A. McIntyre, A.M. MacInnes.

Aube Steamship Company; AUBE - H.H. Thorn, E. St. Germain.

Bruce Trading Company; DONALD STEWART - Walter Kirk, Edwin Shaw.

Canada Atlantic Transit Company: ARTHUR ORR - J. Simons, W. Botsch; DALWARNIC - J. Cuthbert, A.S.J. Hall; KEARSARGE - H. Jaenke, A. Jensen.

Canada Steamship Lines - Eastern Passenger Division: CAPE DIAMOND - J. N. Riverin, Geo. Gagnon, Jr; CAPE ETERNITY - H.J. Little, N. Crepeau; LOUIS PHILIPPE - H. Mandeville, J. Matte; MONTREAL - N. McGlennon, N. Peloquin; QUEBEC - W. Gagne, O. Bonin; RAPIDS PRINCE - S. Putnam, G.M. Hazlett; RAPIDS QUEEN - Geo. Batten, Wm. Hazlett; RICHELIEU - A. H. M. Waterlow, J.E. Kane; SAGUENAY - J.P. Stephenson, W. Gagnon, Sr; TROIS-RIVIERES - P. Champagne, A. Pageau; TURBINIA - W. Cornett, D.J. Leslie.

Western Passenger Division: CAPE TRINITY - H. Clark, A. Chayer; CAYUGA -C.J. Smith, W. Taylor; CHIPPEWA - W. Malcolm, J. W. Kennedy; CORONA - B.A. Bongard, C. Kniffen; KINGSTON - A.E. Stinson, G.W. MacDonald; MACASSA - G.J. Corson, J.A. Gunn; RAPIDS KING - no appointments; TORONTO - E.A. Booth, J.F.Henry.

Northern Navigation Division: HAMONIC - W.H. Montgomery, J.W. McLeod; HURONIC - A.M. Wright, H.H. Moore; NORONIC - H.J. Aitken, S. Brisbin; THOUSAND ISLANDER - A.M. Sparling, no chief.

Bulk Freighters, Lower Lakes and River: COLLIER NO. 1 - K. Larush, J.J. Dove; HAMILTON - P. Dussault, T. Nichols; MAPLEHEATH - J.J. Dube, R.G. Wilkinson; MAPLEHILL - Thos. MacLeod, M. Rankin; MAPLETON - J.J. Lawrence, J.H. Louden; A. E. McKINSTRY - E.J. Shannon, Geo. Fleming; THUNDER BAY - A. Wilson, Geo. Cross; VINMOUNT - J.A. Ferguson, G.W. Clark; WINONA - E. Walkinshaw, J.A.C. Hawman.

Package Freighters: BEAVERTON - O.M. Wing, H. Paus; CANADIAN - H.A. Patterson, D.S. Simons; CITY OF HAMILTON - P. Patenaude, S. Ashie; CITY OF KINGSTON -J.A. Lepine, M.J. O'Brien; CITY OF MONTREAL - D.H. Porter, A. Norris; CITY OF OTTAWA - W.J. Holler, J. Brooks; CITY OF TORONTO - N. Legault, M.J. Sherman; EDMONTON - H.A. Leaney, J.A. MacDonald; GLENELLAH - J.L. Baxter, F. Lumley; KAMLOOPS - W. Brian, T.W. Verity; KENORA - E.F. Raeburn, Jas. Douglas; LETHBRIDGE - A. Wilson, A.E. Kennedy; MAPLEBRANCH - Geo. Kirk, Wm. Casper; MAPLE-BROOK - F. Irish, Jas. Dyson.

Freight Division, Upper Lakes: COLLINGWOOD - G.W. Pearson, H.J. Jack; EMPEROR - D.W. Burke, G.N. Smith; J.H.G. HAGARTY - P. McKay, I.J. Boynton; MAPLE-COURT - T.S. Patterson, Jas. Kirk; MARTIAN - R. McIntyre, H. Myler; W. D. MATTHEWS - A.F. MacLennan, L.E. Spencer; MIDLAND KING - R.F. Pyette, J.G. MacHattie; MIDLAND PRINCE - A.B. McIntyre, J.A. Pickhard; W. GRANT MORDEN - C.E. Robinson, Jas. McGregor; E. B. OSLER - J.H. Hudson, R.R. Foote; SARNIAN - T.H. Johnston, E.A. Prince; VALCARTIER - Jas. Reoch, W.C. Spencer; WESTMOUNT - J.F. Davis, Chas. Leriche.

Taken Over from Great Lakes Transportation Company: GLENBOGIE - A. Smith, W. Zoskey; GLENEAGLES - Jas. Tindall, Geo. Price; GLENELG - C.B. Kirk, J. Gilbert; GLENFINNAN - M. Stalker, M. Manners; GLENIFFER - F. Burke, H. Younge; GLENISLA - R. Burke, A.J. McChristie; GLENLEDI - Wm. Taylor, J. Silverthorne; GLENLIVET - no master, R. Sinclair; GLENMOHR - W.A. Lavigne, D. Sinclair; GLENRIG - J. Hanley, J.R. Polding; GLENROSS - D. Hudson, A. McMillan; GLENSANNOX - P. Beatty, M. Dedman; GLENSHEE - Jas. Brown, P. Eagles. Taken Over from Geo. Hall Coal and Shipping Company: FRANK A. AUGSBURY - A. Barrett, M. Parry; N. H. BOTSFORD - E. Groulx, A.E. House; BRIGNOGAN - D. Nolan, O.D. Thurston; ROBERT J. BUCK - R. Chatel, T. Aussant; GLENARM - R.Sinclair, W. Coburn; GLENBUCKIE - C. Ferguson, E. Fleming; GLENBURNIE - N. J. Gildner, A.J. O'Brien; GLENCALVIE - A. Blanchette, P. Mailhot; GLENCASSIE -A.W. Beatty, G.W. Myron; GLENCLOVA - J.R. Leboeuf, _. Weid; GLENCORRIE - F.V. McIntyre, J. Smith; GLENDOCHART - O.V. Percival, 0. Harrison; GLENDOWAN - B. Maartense, F. Bonnell; GLENEALY - A.E. Green, J. Gilbert; GLENFARN - A.E. De-mill, R.M. Bonnel; GLENGARNOCK - H.G. Redfern, A. Meikle; GLENGELDIE - L. Pregent, W. Goodwin; GLENLINNIE - M. Green, R. Isbester; GLENLOCHIE - V. Char-tier, V. Parker; GLENMAVIS - D.C. McLachlan, J. King; GLENORVIE - C.E. Scott; JOHN C. HOWARD - W.H. Ransom, Jas. Bennette; IGNIFER - E. Tremblay, A. Carrier; ROBERT P. KERNAN - B. Sullivan, W. Hurder; JOHN B. KETCHUM 2nd -W.J. Scarrow, W. Tuttle; LEHIGH - C. Simpson, D. Mercier; JOHN F. MORROW - E. Poirier, M.J. McFaul; WALTER B. REYNOLDS - W. Liddell, U. Hamelin; ROYAN - L. Mongrain, T. Gouin; EDWARD L. STRONG - W.J. Mills, M. Lamoureux.

Canadian National Railways: HURON - R. Baillargeon, J. Matheson; LANSDOWNE -M. Bausette, W. Belsom.

Canadian Pacific Railway: ALBERTA - F.S. Middleton, W.S. Struthers; ASSINIBOIA - J. McCannell, A.A. Cameron; ATHABASCA - M. McKay, G.S. Rae; KEEWATIN -M. McPhee, C. Butterworth; MANITOBA. - F.J. Davis, G.D. Adam.

Chicago. Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Company: NORTH AMERICAN - C. A. Ellis, H.C. Hankans; SOUTH AMERICAN - A.C. Anderson, H.E. Costello.

Chicago Tribune Transportation Company: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - J.V. Norris, E. Scott; NEW YORK NEWS - W.H. Ransom, L. Vipond.

Eastern Steamship Company: FRANK B. BAIRD - A. Peterson, M.E. Fowler; NORMAN P. CLEMENT - Jos. H. Glass, W.D. McCann; WILLIAM H. DANIELS - R. Anderson, A. Brown; EDWIN T. DOUGLASS - E. McMurray, W. Crowley; ALBERT C. FIELD C. Sensabough, Geo. Bragg; NISBET GRAMMER - A.E. Laking, A. Flanagan; JUDGE HART - W.J. Ferguson, F. Littlejohn; JOHN A. HOLLOWAY - T. Heffernan, J.C. Carr; CHARLES R. HUNTLEY - I.L. Mateer, Wm. Scott; JUDGE KENEFICK -R.J. Brown, Jno. Scott; NORMAN B. MacPHERSON - A.H. Simpell, J.C. Dunn; WATKINS F. NISBET - E.S. Bailey, F. Tack; JOHN S. PILLSBURY - H.L. Hallifax, R. Milligan; ROBERT W. POMEROY - J.E. Stewart, F. Black; JOHN J. RAMMACHER - A.E. Parrott, A. Hamelin; JOHN B. RICHARDS - W.F. Garrett, T. Heatley; JAMES STEWART - A. Cavanaugh, Robt. Joell; SHIRLEY G. TAYLOR - H.J. Brian, J.M. Nicoll; GEORGE L. TORIAN - R.B. Angus, Geo. Morphew; WILLIAM C. WARREN -E.R. Jordan, G. Fitzpatrick; SHELTON WEED - J.E. MacLeod, W. McMullen.

Globe Transportation Company: PABJUNE - J.B. Gamache, J.M. Clark.

Imperial Oil Ltd: IMPEROYAL - Geo. Findlay, Geo. Stephen; IOCOLITE - Robt. Laing, H.R. Welch; I.O. LTD. NO. 6 - W.J. Brown, no chief; ROYALITE - R.C. Mimms, F. Pringle; SARNOLITE - W.J. MacDonald, E.W. Sparling.

Interlake Navigation Company: DALRYMPLE - C.H. Harmanson, J.M. Pendrigh; METCALFE - C.A. Martin, C. Thompson; SASKATOON - L. Patenaude, F.W. Briggs.

International Waterways Navigation: ARAGON - M. Heffernan, B. Handson; BELVOIR - F.M. Heffernan, Wm. Keith; JOLLY INEZ - H. Finn, H. Johnston.

Keystone Transports Ltd; KEYBAR - W.V. Smith, R. Garriock; KEYBELL - G. Hawthorn, R. Muchmore; KEYNOR - Geo. Brown, Jas. Boak; KEYPORT - W.A. Davis, L. Nordnes; KEYSTATE - L. Beaupre, E. Hudspeth; KEYVIVE - E.J. Smith, G. Baker; KEYWEST - S. Williamson, A. Horton.

Ontario Car Ferry Company: ONTARIO NO. 1 - S.H. McCaig, D.L. Smyth; ONTARIO NO. 2 - C.E. Redfearn, J.A. Nicoll.

Paterson Steamships Ltd: CANADIAN ENGINEER - H.J. Hickey, H.J. Cross; CANADIAN PATHFINDER - R.D. Simpson, _. Scott; CEPHEUS - M. Liningston, _. Rennie; THOMAS J. DRUMMOND - Thos. Jewitt, _. Smith; JAMES H. HOYT - R.J. Wilson, _. Collier; INDUS - Jas. Foote, _. Vipond; KAMARIS - W.E. Refern, T.J. Dryburgh; LUPUS - H.B. Hunt, E. Scott; MARS - A.A. Hudson, Louis Butler; J. A. McKEE - Wm. Carson, Geo. Dennison; SIRIUS - W. Jewitt, _. Duguid; URANUS-J.D. Montgomery, John Barrett.

Port Huron & Sarnia Ferry Company: ARIEL - G. Seel, J. Meno; CITY OF PORT HURON - Thos. Brown, F. Cahoon; CITY OF SARNIA - Wm. Major, D. Reid; LAWRENCE - Jas. Putnam, N.J. Maugh.

Prescott & Ogdensburg Ferry Company: FERDINAND - A. Kelley, D. Richmire; LEVIS - W. Deschene, W.J. Jento; MISS VANDERBERG - S.J. Delaney, F. Lavery.

Rockport Navigation Company: WAUBIC - R.H. Carnegie, Jas. Gillie.

Sincennes-McNaughton Line Ltd: ALASKA - J. Millette, D. Lavallee; CONQUEROR-no appointments; EMMA L. - P. Bibeau, H. Gaudet; ETHEL - R. Blais, J. Laforest; EUREKA - L. Lemay, M. Fiset; FELICIA - F. Houde, E. Lavallee; FREDMAC-J. Bibeau, P. Cournoyer; HUDSON - no appointments; LOTBINIERE - W. Bertrand, E. Mongeau; MATHILDA - U. Latraverse, A. Bernard; GERALD MORGAN - no appointments; MUSCALLONGE - 2. Legault, R. Moreau; MYRA - no appointments; JOHN PRATT - J. Cournoyer, E. Mongeau; PIERRE RACINE - N. Mongeau, J. Laviolette; RIVAL - D. Mongeau, J. Lavallee; ROSALIE L. - 2. Bibeau, J. Beaucage; SINMAC-P. Picard, A. Baribeau; VIRGINIA - E. Houde, A. Lemay; YVON DUPRE JR. - J. Mongeau, O. Beaucage.

J. F. Sowards: BRANTFORD - no appointments; JESKA - Jas. Kirkwood, A. Petit; PATDORIS - J. Doyle, J. Lamoreaux; SHANLY - M. Shaw, G. Harper.

John Tackaberry. Sr: HENRY PEDWELL - N. Barrett, Jno. Smith.

Toronto Insurance & Vessel Agency: D. B. HANNA - J.E. Mann, R. Longfield-Jones; JAMES B. FOOTE - H.S. Belling, H. MacDonald.

Tree Line Navigation Company: ASHBAY - E. Legault, Geo. Verrier; BEECHBAY -Jos. Toupin, R. Gibson; CEDARBAY - T. Marchand, D. Vezina; ELMBAY - N. Tremblay, P. Brunelle; MAPLEBAY - A.J. Hogue, W.R. Oakes; OAKBAY - C.E. Kennedy, D.S. Crawford; PINEBAY - J. Daignault, W. Wells; POPLARBAY - R. Houde, Geo. Kinchen; SPRUCEBAY - J.R. Montgomery, S. Gruzelier; WILLOWBAY - Jos. Duguay, A. Gagne.

Trevisa Steamship Company: TREVISA - P.V. Mahoney, 0. Williams.

* * *

Recognize some familiar names (either ships or people) in the appointment list? We thought you might. The report is all the more interesting in that 1926 was a "transitional" year for several fleets. Note, in particular, the former Playfair and Hall ships in the Canada Steamship Lines fleet, and the Paterson listing which includes a number of steamers that had been acquired from the Interlake Steamship Company, but which had not yet been renamed.

Happy steamboating to all in 1926 and/or 1985.


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