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A recent World Ship Society report indicates that the Spanish shipbreaker that purchased CONALLISON (and presumably also GEORGE M. CARL, although we have no confirmation in the case of the CARL) was Desguaces Vige. The dismantling of CONALLISON began in October, 1984, at San Esteban de Pravia, a small port located just to the west of Aviles, the port to which the tandem scrap tow was first taken. We anticipate that we will eventually receive a similar report concerning the breaking up of the CARL.

Previous reports indicated that the Star Line Corp. would transfer its excursion vessel STAR OF CHARLEVOIX from Charlevoix, Michigan, to Toledo, and that, under the name STAR OF TOLEDO, she would offer dinner cruises on the Maumee River. With a number of operators now engaged in excursion boat service in the Toledo area, the competition has warmed up rather considerably, and Star Line has announced that it will not move STAR OF CHARLEVOIX to the area. Instead, it hopes to build a new ship, similar to STAR OF DETROIT that was commissioned during 1984. The new vessel would be ready in time to operate at Toledo for the full 1986 season. Now, if only Toledo had a real live steamboat for the excursion service...

During the winter months, there has been much speculation as to which lake vessels may operate in 1985, and indeed whether all of the familiar old lake fleets will remain in business. Prospects for the 1985 season are not that exciting as to raise our hopes, and the Canadian grain trade, in particular, is not anticipating spectacular movements as rather less grain will be moved down the lakes than in 1984. We will not, however, speculate in these pages as to which vessels or fleets will be doing what (if anything) in 1985. We will wait instead for fit-out time and see what happens then.



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