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On December 24, MELDRUM BAY and GOLDEN HIND were towed from the foot of Yonge Street to Sherbourne Street at Toronto, and on December 38 they were given a part-cargo of storage soya beans loaded into them by a strange visitor to Toronto, the self-unloading stemwinder JEAN PARISIEN.

-- A poor omen for the future of the Algoma Central Marine self-unloader E.B. BARBER is the fact that she is laid up for the winter in the Leslie Street slip at Toronto, behind the stripped OUTARDE and alongside FERNGLEN. This location suggests that she has been laid away for good...

-- JOHN J. BOLAND arrived at Fraser Shipyards, Superior, on December 20, and she will spend the winter there, having the plating in her cargo hold renewed. This would indicate that American Steamship intends to keep the BOLAND (which, surprisingly, was reactivated in 1984) in service for some time to come.

-- An unusual winter lay-up at Duluth this year is the Hanna steamer PAUL H. CARNAHAN, which arrived during the last week of December with a storage load of cement for the St. Lawrence Cement Company. CARNAHAN loaded this peculiar storage cargo at St. Lawrence Cement's Clarkson plant just before Christmas.

-- Amongst the winter work planned by Fraser Shipyards at Superior, Wisconsin, are the repowering of GEORGE A. SLOAN with a new Caterpillar diesel (she will retain her boilers and steam auxiliaries), and the quintennial surveys of the Rouge Steel Company's newly-acquired EDWARD B. GREENE and WALTER A. STERLING (together with the electrical conversion of the latter from D.C. to A.C.). There have been many rumours circulating in connection with the renaming of these two steamers, and the disposition of the rest of the former Ford fleet but no formal announcements have yet been made by Rouge Steel.

-- Fraser Shipyards has already given five-year surveys to the Columbia self-unloaders ARMCO and JOSEPH H. FRANTZ, and also to Kinsman's WILLIAM A. McGONAGLE, although much rivet renewal required by the latter steamer has apparently been postponed indefinitely, thus adding to speculation concerning the future of the four remaining Kinsman steamers. The U.S. Steel self-unloader JOHN G. MUNSON will also be having considerable routine maintenance work done by Fraser Shipyards during the winter months.



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