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Ye Ed. - The Calendar Man
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At long last, your ink-stained wretch of an Editor has his pictures in a calendar. No, No, No! We do not mean that our fantastic physique (!) is revealed in the pages of one of those X-rated calendars that hides on the back shelves in variety stores.

What has happened is that Ye Ed. was selected to provide ship photographs for the annual marine date calendar published by the Marine Historical Society of Detroit. We consider this to be a great honour indeed. The calendar, which is now available, contains photographs of CITY OF HAMILTON (II), IMPERIAL WELLAND, KWASIND, THOROLD (III), JAMES E. FERRIS, SAGAMO, KINGDOC (I), SOO RIVER TRADER, KEYSTATE, T. J. CLARK, NARCISSUS (J. C. STEWART), ELGIN and JAMES P. WALSH, all of them from your Editor's camera.

One copy of the calendar is provided free of charge to each member of the Detroit Society. Other persons wishing to obtain copies of the calendar at a price of $5.00 (U.S. Funds) each, should address Mr. James H. Jackson, Publications Manager - M.H.S.D., 3546 Polk, Dearborn, Michigan 48124, U.S.A.


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