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A relatively serious accident occurred on November 28th just above the Soo Locks. The American Steamship Company's self-unloader INDIANA HARBOR was upbound and just leaving the Poe Lock while the salt-water vessel ANANGEL SPIRIT was downbound entering the MacArthur Lock. There were high winds at the time and the line between the salty and the tug that was assisting her parted. The vessel's bow veered away to port and she struck INDIANA HARBOR, cutting a ten-foot gash in the laker's port bow. ANANGEL SPIRIT got the best of the deal, it seems, and was not damaged too badly. INDIANA HARBOR, on the other hand, was more seriously wounded, and was backed down through the Poe Lock and hence over to the old Carbide dock for inspection of the damage and the necessary temporary repairs. Bearing in mind the potential for an accident such as this in the restricted waters above the locks, it is easy to understand why at least one large lake shipping company had previously instructed its masters not to leave the Poe Lock upbound if a salty should be trying to enter the MacArthur Lock downbound.

We earlier reported that the U.S. Steel's self-unloader CALCITE II had made an unexpected trip to Toronto on September 18th with a cargo of road salt= CALCITE II made another such trip on November 27th, also with salt. She arrived during the afternoon and cleared early in the evening.



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