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The Editor's Notebook
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Ship of the Month No. 124 A Day of Remembrance for the ANNA C. MINCH
A Lay-up List From Eighty-six Years Ago
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Our November meeting featured Bill Wilson, who presented an illustrated account of his trip in the Baltic aboard VISTAFJORD this past summer. We wish to thank Bill for a most enjoyable evening.

LAY-UP LISTS: With our lakers now heading for winter quarters, it will soon be time for us to present our annual report concerning ships wintering at the various lake and river ports. You can assist us by visiting your local ports, and then sending to us your listings of the boats wintering there, for inclusion in these pages. The more complete and accurate your reports, the more valuable will be this information for the historical record. We would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Bill Matwin of Thunder Bay, to D. A. MacLeod of Southampton, to Capt. Fred E. Newton of Port Huron, to Randall Lepine of Elliot Lake, and to Capt. Bruce D. Shepperd of Meaford.


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