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It is with deep regret that we report the passing, on Monday, September 5th, of Capt. Horace H. Thorn of Point Edward, Ontario, a longtime member of the Toronto Marine Historical Society.

Capt. Thorn began his sailing career in 1914 as a bellhop aboard the beautiful passenger steamer HAMONIC. His first command was the steamer AUBE (our February, 1980, Ship of the Month), of which he was master near the end of her active career. Capt. Thorn went on to command numerous ships in the package freight and pulpwood trades. He retired in 1963 from the Canada Cement electric-motorvessel CEMENTKARRIER, in which he had spent thirteen years as master. After his retirement, the captain maintained his interest in lake ships and was an active modeller of vessels with which he had been associated.

The Toronto Marine Historical Society has lost an avid supporter. We extend our deepest sympathy to Capt. Thorn's family, and particularly to his son, James Thorn of Ancaster, Ontario, who has made a generous donation to our Society in memory of his father.


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