Fifty Years Of Shipbuilding Excellence: 1933 - 1983

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Captain Horace L. Beaton
Fifty Years Of Shipbuilding Excellence: 1933 - 1983
The Times They are a-Changin'
Captain Horace H. Thorn
Ship of the Month No. 122 Turret Chief
Additional Marine News
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The year 1983 marks the fiftieth year of the founding of Peterson Builders Inc., the well-known Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, shipbuilding firm which has acquired an enviable record for quality work in the building of almost all types of vessels. Over the years, Peterson has built yachts, tugs, ferries, fishing boats, a wide assortment of naval vessels, and even the first two American-registry heavy-lift freighters. To celebrate this notable anniversary, the Peterson shipyard has produced a handsome, 52-page, softcover book, well illustrated, which details the highlights of the company's first half-century. It is appropriately entitled "Fifty Years of Shipbuilding Excellence, 1933-1983.

We thank Peterson Builders Inc. for sending a copy of their book to the Toronto Marine Historical Society. We extend best wishes for the future to the company, as well as to Robert Peterson, who is executive vice-president of the firm and a member of our Society.


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