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We are always happy to publicize books produced by T.M.H.S. members, and the following items may be of interest to our readers.

GREAT LAKES SHIPS WE REMEMBER II - Marine Historical Society of Detroit.

Members recently received the flyer regarding this new book, a sequel to the highly successful Great Lakes Ships We Remember of 1979. It will take the same format as the earlier volume, telling the story, with numerous photographs, of some 200 additional lake boats. Many people have put a lot of hard work into the new volume, and all of them are also members of T.M. H.S. Great Lakes Ships We Remember II should be ready for release in late 1983, but 400 advance orders are required to ensure publication and time is limited. If you have not already done so, we urge you to send your early remittance of $30.00 (U.S. Funds) payable to Marine Historical Society of Detroit, mailing it to the society's treasurer, William J. Luke, at 20255 Wellesley Boulevard, Birmingham, Michigan 48010, U.S.A. Those who have the first volume will agree that this project certainly deserves our full support.

GREENWOOD'S AND DILLS' LAKE BOATS '83 - Freshwater Press, Inc.

The 1983 edition of this annual paperback will be off the press in early April. Lake Boats is the best directory of lake vessels available and this year's version will feature a new section, "Transitions", which will reflect changes in the lake fleet since 1982. Price per copy is $4.75 (U.S. Funds) plus $1.48 shipping. Canadians should add an additional 45 cents to the shipping charges. Address Freshwater Press Inc., 334 The Arcade, P.O. Box 14009, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, U. S. A.

A FORECAST OF THE CANADIAN DRY-BULK VESSEL REQUIREMENTS ON THE GREAT LAKES IN 1990 - Gordon C. Shaw and Wade D. Cook (Toronto: University of Toronto/ York University, Joint Program in Transportation, Research Report No. 83, March, 1982) . - - and - -

THE MARKET POTENTIAL FOR CANADIAN-REGISTERED VESSELS CAPABLE OF CARRYING BOTH GREAT LAKES AND OCEAN CARGOES - Gordon C. Shaw (Ottawa: Canadian Transport Commission Research Branch, Report No. 30-8l-05, April, 1981).

These two interesting reports have been produced by member Gordon C. Shaw, Professor of the Faculty of Administrative Studies at York University. They deal primarily with future prospects for the Canadian dry-bulk lakes fleet, both in lake and ocean trades, but are written from an historical viewpoint and show in considerable detail the nature of the Canadian fleet, together with its voyages and cargoes in recent years. Attention is given to the probable requirements for vessels of various types and sizes for 1990. The first of these reports can be obtained for $13.50 from Nancy Stenson, Joint Program in Transportation, Room 430 Osgoode, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Downsview, Ontario M3J 2R6. The second report can be obtained free of charge from the Canadian Transport Commission, 15 Eddy Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N9.


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