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The early Canadian steel steamer ROSEDALE was featured as our Ship of the Month No. 112 in the Mid-Summer 1982 issue. We made reference to an accident which we believed had occurred in the late 1890s, when ROSEDALE had run on the rocks of Knife Island in Lake Superior. Then, in an addendum which appeared on page 13 of the November 1982 issue, we clarified the date of the Knife Island stranding as being 1893. Now, thanks to member Jack Messmer of Lancaster, N.Y., we have considerable additional detail. Jack found the following items in the pages of Buffalo newspapers of July, 1893, and we reproduce them verbatim here, for they represent a good record of the stranding and the salvage efforts that followed.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Saturday. July 8. 1893:

Duluth, July 7 - The Canadian steamer ROSEDALE, bound up, without cargo for grain, at full speed ran on a shelving rock at the mouth of Knife River at 4:00 this morning. She went out almost high and dry, with her bow within ten feet of boulders on the shore. Her stern is unsupported and is exposed to the sea. The steamer can never be pulled off the rocks, and foundation timbers must be built around her. Then, after being lifted on jackscrews, she will have to be relaunched. The ROSEDALE was built on the Clyde four years ago. She is of steel and is worth $100,000. There was a dense fog when she struck.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Sunday. July 9. 1893:

Duluth, July 8 - All efforts to release the Canadian steamer ROSEDALE, stranded at the mouth of Knife River, have failed, and the wreck must now be lifted with jackscrews and relaunched. The ROSEDALE was going eleven miles an hour when she struck the shelving rock, and she slid almost onto dry land. She is at right angles with the shore.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Monday. July 10. 1893:

Duluth, July 9 - Capt. Inman has been given the contract for releasing the ROSEDALE, ashore at Knife River.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Tuesday. July 11. 1893:

Duluth, July 10 - The Canadian steamer ROSEDALE, which stranded at the mouth of Knife River in a fog last Friday, was pulled off the rocks this morning and has been brought to the drydock at West Superior.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Sunday. July 16. 1893:

Duluth, July 15 - About 100 men are at work on the ROSEDALE at West Superior. As a result of going ashore at the mouth of Knife River, 30 frames are broken and about that number of plates will have to be replaced. She will be out of drydock in about ten days. The repair bill will amount to about $6,500.

"Buffalo Morning Express" - Saturday. July 22, 1893:

Duluth, July 21 - The ROSEDALE comes out of drydock tomorrow from repairs after being ashore at Knife Island.


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