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The Editor's Notebook
A Farewell to the Soo River Company
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Capt. James D. Wellington
Ship of the Month No. 113 A Tale of Two Shipwrecks
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It is difficult to believe that we are now beginning our fifteenth volume of "Scanner". Number Fifteen! How about that? And we are still attempting to bring you the best marine publication that is possible for a group of our means. We thank those who have sent us suggestions and requests, and are still working on some that have not yet made their way into print. But most of all, we appreciate the continued support of all our members.

MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE FOR THE 1982-1983 SEASON. All memberships, except those specially endorsed to the contrary, are due and payable at this time. Fees remain at the same level as last year, $15.00 per annum. We cannot afford to send individual billings and would appreciate your early remittance addressed to Mr. James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario M6S 1W9. THIS IS THE LAST ISSUE THAT WILL BE SENT TO THOSE WHO DO NOT RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP. Please renew now.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Leslie Reading of Dorchester, Ontario, to Capt. John Barnes of Terra Cotta, to Bert Cozens of Amherstburg, to Howard Miller of Sarnia, to J. C. Wilson of Courtright, and to Gretchen Driftmyer of Gibsonburg, Ohio.


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