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Our May Dinner Meeting was a great success and considerable credit is due to Bill Wilson, who arranged for the dinner at the Ship Inn, and to Donald Page, of Kingston, who was our guest speaker. Mr. Page spoke about his involvement with famous Lake Ontario passenger boats, and particularly the great KINGSTON on which he served. His address was most interesting and we thank him for coming to speak to us. We believe that all members and guests who were in attendance enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

This is our belated May issue, which had to be delayed because of the early date chosen for our dinner meeting. We have purposely held it back in order to lessen the time lag between it and the Mid-Summer issue, and thus to enable us to keep more current on items of marine news.

Please note that there will be no formal meetings of T.M.H.S. during the summer months, and that we will next meet on the first Friday in October. We hope that all our members will have a very enjoyable summer, one full of marine activities. We will, no doubt, be seeing many of you in the traditional boatwatching spots around the lakes provided that there are still some ships operating!

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Brad Jolliffe of London, to Ronald LaDue of Hamlin, N.Y., to Kenneth A. Feren of Niagara Falls, to Gary Barda of Caledonia, to Ernest Kadlau of Ancaster, to Wendy Nicol of the Canadian Sault, to David Christensen of Scottville, Michigan, to Robert Graham of Massena, N.Y., to Rolland Kauffman of Toledo, and to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center at Fremont, Ohio.


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