A Question of Latitude

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No matter how hard we try to avoid them, the gremlins occasionally creep into the text of "Scanner". This usually happens when, in rushing to beat a printing deadline, Ye Ed. gets his fingers on the wrong typewriter keys. Proofreading normally gets rid of these little problems, but occasionally one sneaks past us and is preserved for evermore in the final copy.

One such case occurred in the Mid-Summer "Scanner", wherein we reported the sinking of both MARLHILL and LAC DES ILES which were en route to Mexico earlier this year for use as grain storage barges. Unfortunately, we got an extra '1' in the description of the position of the loss of LAC DES ILES, so that it was reported that she sank at 136.55.6 North by 74.44.2 West. Of course, no such position exists. The correct latitude should have appeared in print as 36.55.6 North.

We thank member Alain Gindroz, chief officer of the new Nipigon Transports motorship LAKE WABUSH, for bringing this typographical error to our attention, for we do not wish to perpetuate incorrect information.


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