The Upper Canada Railway Society

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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
The Upper Canada Railway Society
Echoes of "Steelton Gap"
A Word of Thanks to our Members
Captain Ernest H. Ridd
A Question of Latitude
Ship of the Month No. 104 Mapleheath
Offerings From Freshwater Press
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations

Interested in Canadian railway and transit news? The Upper Canada Railway Society, founded in 1941, publishes a monthly 20-page newsletter containing the latest news of railway and electric transit happenings from coast to coast. In-depth feature articles of current and historical interest also appear. Monthly meetings are held in both Toronto and Hamilton, featuring illustrated talks, of both current and historical nature, presented by members and industry officials. Railway and streetcar excursions are also operated. Membership fees, which include 12 issues of the "Newsletter", mailed to your home, are just $17.00 annually. Send your cheque or money order to the Upper Canada Railway Society, P.O. Box 122, Terminal 'A', Toronto, Ontario M5W 1A2, to the attention of the membership secretary.

(Ed. Note: The above notice appears by special arrangement with the U.C.R.S., which will run in its newsletter a similar notice concerning the joys of membership in the Toronto Marine Historical Society. A number of T.M.H.S. members also belong to the U.C.R.S.)


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