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Ship of the Month No. 100 Quedoc (I)
Captain Augustus R. Hinckley - Lake Ontario Mariner
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Table of Illustrations
1 AVALON VOYAGER II, ravaged by winter ice, lies on the Lake Huron shore, about 1/4 mile off Wreck Point, between Hay Bay and Cape Hurd Channel. January 24, 1981, photo by Ron Beaupre.
2 This very early photo shows MARISKA upbound in the Weitzel Lock at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Note the absence of an after mast.
3 The rebuilt MARISKA, in Bassett Steamship Co. colours, is cut apart at Buffalo for the passage to the coast. Photo dated September 23, 1918.
4 QUEDOC, with barge PORTADOC lashed alongside, passes down Little Rapids Cut on June 17, 1956. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
5 H.S. & G. No. 1 is towed out the Toronto Eastern Gap by NIAGARA, July 8, 1960, en route to Whitby. Photo by the Editor.
6 This is how HARVEY J. KENDALL looked in Hall colours, shortly before her acquisition by Capt. Augustus R. Hinckley.

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