Oops . . . . (Or Translake Revisited)

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Oops . . . . (Or Translake Revisited)
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As our long-time readers will know, we do our level best to ensure that the material which appears in "Scanner" is as accurate as we can make it. We do not wish to proliferate incorrect data, as errors that appear in print have a way of finding their way into the general record unless they are quickly rectified. Even though we hate to admit it, an error did creep into the Ship of the Month feature of the January issue, this despite our considerable efforts at proofreading.

In the feature on the tanker TRANSLAKE, the former POPLARBAY, we mentioned that she was originally christened (a) PEINTRE and that she was almost immediately renamed (b) BEISSARD. In fact, the latter name should be spelled BIESSARD. We sincerely regret the appearance of this error.

Incidentally, member Rene Beauchamp has mentioned that the hull of the old tanker is still lying at Louiseville, Quebec, and that when he last saw her there, the name HALFUELER was still on her, this despite the fact that she was officially renamed (f) M.I.L. FUELER after Marine Industries purchased the remains of the Foundation Maritime fleet. She is listed as M.I. L. FUELER in the Canadian List of Shipping, so we must assume that Marine Industries simply never managed to find the time to paint her proper name on the tired old hull. This is not entirely surprising, considering that her last job was nothing more glamourous than fueling dredges on the North Traverse project.


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