Does Someone Borrow Your "Scanner"?

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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Sailors and Crocodiles Don't Mix
A Short History of Marine City, Michigan
Ship of the Month No. 98 TRANSLAKE
Lay-up Listings
Lake Erie Wreck Identified
Does Someone Borrow Your "Scanner"?
JAMES B. EADS Revisited
Additional Marine News
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It always pleases us when T.M.H.S. members introduce other interested persons to the Society by showing them a copy of "Scanner", for it lets us know that our little publication is an effective means of communication. However, persons who continually read someone else's copy, instead of joining the Society themselves, are not playing fair ball either with T.M.H.S. or with its loyal members; they reap the benefits of "membership" in our group without contributing their share of the costs incurred in the production and distribution of our newsletter.

The cost of a T.M.H.S. membership is still one of the best bargains going, and every little bit received helps us to bring you the best publication we can for as little cost. So please, if someone else is mooching a free look at your "Scanner" each month, kindly suggest that they send us $10 so that they may receive their own copy. Not only will this assist the Society, but it will also help to keep your copy of "Scanner" from getting all wrinkled and creased!

Thanks, friends.


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