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The Editor's Notebook
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Sailors and Crocodiles Don't Mix
A Short History of Marine City, Michigan
Ship of the Month No. 98 TRANSLAKE
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Does Someone Borrow Your "Scanner"?
JAMES B. EADS Revisited
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Our December Meeting, the Annual Film Night, was an evening enjoyed by all present. Our thanks to program chairman Gordon Turner for obtaining two of the films, and to John Lang for persuading Cunard Line to loan us its print of the spectacular "Twilight of an Era". We should also like to express the Society's appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Lauritz Randeriis who set up a most interesting display of their invaluable marine postcards and special covers, all of which bear mailed-at-sea postmarks.

Ye Ed. would like to extend his usual New Year's message of thanks to all of those members who assisted with the production of "Scanner" during the past year. We refer not only to our special "stapling crew", but to all of our regular correspondents, without whom we would be totally lost. We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to receiving your continued support in 1981.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to William D. Carle III of Lakewood, Ohio, to John T. Philbin of Sarnia, to Jack Atchison of Windsor, to Delbert Ring of Brockville, to William L. MacLean of Toronto, and to Captain J. W. R. Tackaberry of Willowdale.


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