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"Scanner" Back Issues
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Ship of the Month No. 96 WAHCONDAH
A Sunday Ferry Case
One More Time For Turret Cape
Avalon Voyager Is Lost
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The T.M.H.S. Archives (a cluttered corner in Ye Ed's cellar) still contain numerous back issues of "Scanner" which are available to our members. We would like to clear out most of these valuable items to make more storage space for future issues. If interested, please address the Editor and state clearly which issues you require. We are unable to supply straight runs of "Scanner", as many of the older issues are long since out of print, but we may just have the ones for which you are looking.

Please note, however, that increased postage costs and the severely depleted T.M.H.S. treasury have forced us to increase the price of back issues to $1.50 each postpaid. We feel that this price is still most reasonable considering the quality of our publication and the effort that goes into producing it.


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