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The Editor's Notebook
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Re the October Issue of "Scanner"
Ship of the Month No. 96 WAHCONDAH
A Sunday Ferry Case
One More Time For Turret Cape
Avalon Voyager Is Lost
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Perhaps you have been wondering whether you remembered to pay your fees for the 1980-81 T.M.H.S. season. Not to worry, for if you receive this issue, then you are fully paid-up and a member in good standing. Should any of your friends not receive this issue, however, please remind them to remit their fees to our Chief Purser as soon as possible.

The October Slide Night was, as usual, a resounding success. We thank all those members, many from out-of-town, who came with such interesting examples of their marine photography. Now is the time to begin selecting suitable slides to bring to the January Theme Slide Night.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Gerald R. Kennedy of Prescott, to Morley Erratt of Cardinal, to Robert F. Connelly of San Diego, California, to Alex Stolarow Jr. of Jenks, Oklahoma, to John J. Carrick of Scarborough, to Frederic Van Wesep of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Richard V. Cordo of South Euclid, Ohio, to Captain D'Alton Hudson of Midland, and to Ronald L. Rostoni of Jeddo, Michigan.


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