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For the first time of which we are aware, a pilot has walked off a salt water vessel in Toronto Harbour. On the evening of September 30, the pilot assigned to navigate the bulk carrier APJ KARAN out of the harbour from her berth at the Redpath Sugar plant, encountered difficulties in dealing with the salty's officers. In the face of much adversity, he was able to put the boat to anchor in the Bay and departed the ship via the tug TERRY S. Due to the reluctance of the master to put down a ladder so that the pilot might leave, the Harbour Police were summoned to the scene. In due course, his debarcation was arranged and the vessel cleared the following morning, her agents having arranged for the attendance of another pilot.

We have heard that Hull 64, presently under construction at Port Weller for Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., may be named CANADIAN PIONEER.

The former Straits of Mackinac carferry VACATIONLAND (b) JACK DALTON, (c) PERE NOUVEL, (d) SUNSHINE COAST QUEEN, which has recently been used as a ferry on the Canadian west coast, appeared during September at the yard of Canadian Vickers Ltd. in Montreal. This would appear to indicate that, in fact, the vessel has been purchased for use on the proposed ferry service between Meldrum Bay and DeTour Village.

The 67-year-old steam carferry CHIEF WAWATAM has gained yet another extension to her operating life. Michigan state authorities have extended until March 31, 1979 the contract for the operation of the ferry by the Straits Car Ferry Service Corporation and thus CHIEF WAWATAM is guaranteed an additional period of active service. The extension is due primarily to the flourishing rail business of the Michigan Northern Railroad which has, unlike other lines, refused to increase its freight rates despite approval to do so granted by the Interstate Commerce Commission.



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